Sentul Race Series (criterium)

image[5]image[3]Last Sunday 4 of us went to Sentul for the 2nd race of Sentul Road Race Series. From the last time trial qualifying round, we were qualified for Cat B. There’s 3 Category in total (A, B and C). It was my first road criterium and I really don’t know what to expect. But I do believe in the effort we’ve put during training with Coach Sayuti we might be able to finish in top 10 position. Click read more for full race report.. 

A day ealier I was planning to do a regular long ride. But I caught my right hand on my front wheel and landed on my shoulder when I was trying to tighten up my front wheel axle.

Woke up at 4am. Packing will never be easy at this hour but thanks to T-Level bags for making it

Went to Subang to fetch Azhar. For those who didn’t know him, he used to ride for team LeTua and one of the best mechanic in KL who’s currently working at Bike Tech Subang.image

Got myself a lucky number 8! So glad Azhar had sort eveything out for my machine of the day. It work totally great on that day. Thanks buddy!image[1]image[2]

image[3]image[4]We had an hour or so to prepare ourself before the race. Afew of us decided to do some warm up on a roller and then went to the race course and did a few laps to get use to the entire course. Race started at 7.45am with 2 natural laps, the race format was something new for me. The race format was 45 minute on the course + 3 laps to finish. There’s about 35 racer in Cat B. I don’t even recognize any of them other than my team mates. So I’ve decided to play safe in the beginning, spot some horses and will see when to attack. Photos by Shimano Singapore.1014240_10153178048525581_158421259_n533208_10153178048390581_1413902602_nThe race course was around 900m with 4 sharp corners. It was really short but considering you need get off your saddle to gain the speed just right after you lost your momentum on those corners. It was pretty tricky as we were racing with 35 people on a very limited space.


Captain Roy, always looking sharp on his new whip.1173706_10153178053655581_715131272_n

Irfan always on the front pack to control the pace. Both of us worked together to chase Azhar. It was a great team effort. Im so glad Irfan was there to help us through out the entire course.

1186249_10153178116505581_1417694269_n 1234778_10153178053410581_1029028748_n

Azhar went for a solo attack in the middle of the race and tried to overlap all of us but failed. We were lucky considering it was a solo effort. Im sure his tactic will work if there’s another one or two rider with him.547722_10153178053975581_425017746_n

FYI, I wasn’t smilling. I was holding my breath and I swear I puked some RedBull during that last corner. The pace was insane during the last 3 laps! My arms felt like shit from yesterday crash and I need to get off saddle on every corners.


I manage to stay of Azhar’s wheel when he did the attack on the last lap and won the sprint on the last stretch. Gotta thanks Irfan, Royzamir and Azhar who was always at the front who did most of the work. Im not really proud with the win since I know I can do better by going upfront to help Azhar on the attack. But my shoulder was killing me whenever I tried to get off the saddle and sprint. But I’m glad to see most of us did great. It was a learning process for me since it was my first road crit race. It was fast and intense! I was too tired to even raise my head on the finishing line..1236627_10153178054040581_1896469478_n

Full result as shown above.


Right after the race, I know who I need to mark for the next series. It will be a roadrace with alots of climbing. I’m not really a good climber but I will train myself to improve myslef so I will be able to give some good fight to the main contender. Until then, I just need to train hard and smart.

On the other note, our coach Sayuti Zahid had shown an inspiring win. He did an early attack 10 minute into the race and stayed 30 sec infront of the group chaser for the next 40km until the end of the race. Crazy! Gotta admire this beast. Well done to everyone who had finished the race. Congratulation to Mark Cheong and his team for another succesful event! Looking foward for the next one.1238742_10153178108370581_592670151_n

I will be racing in Singapore this weekend. Wish me luck!


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