Colossi 24:7


I’ve put this post on hold for quite sometime. I’ve been spending most of my riding time on my roadbike. Only after a few races, crashes and test rides that I am now ready to share it. Click read more for more details
As you may know, I’m currently riding for Colossi. I’m more than happy to ride for a company owned by a cyclist. They do understand what I wan’t and what I need. Other than that, to be apart of the whole project is amazing.
For this frame we used Columbus Scandium XLR8. Why? Not only it’s one of the lightest Columbus tubing available, it also reduce in grain sizes, improve weld-ability, resistance fragileness from high temperature welding and recovery of mechanical characteristic after welding. Most racers and frame builders would prefer this tubing than any other.

p3 p4
As what I stated earlier, I wan’t to make it a clean and simple look so I went with matte black finish with less graphic or decals on it. Like most of alu frames available in the market, I’ve decided to go with a smooth welded technic which also gave it a cleaner look.
p10 p6For those who didn’t know, MAS stands for Malaysia and that is a map of my country. A place I was born and raised. From my research on aluminium frame, I realised this is the area where it flex alot. So to overcome this issue, we’ve put a gusset on both side of my chainstay/seatube. Atleast it will make the frame stiffer.
p2So.. I’m trying to be lil bit vain over here by putting my name on it. What ever. I don’t dig for a traditional bridge with a hole int the middle of it. Because I dont see a point of having one.
p5Since 1982.. Jan Kole has been producing alot of legit frames. He also build alot of frames for other brands. Maybe you might be surprised to you know that your frame came from his factory.
p8 p9p11
Nothing fancy about this frame since I just wan’t it to be clean, simple and fully functional like how a track bike should be. I’m glad to ride a bike with my own geo and size. I can totally feel the difference because this is my first customized frame. From there I am able to understand and get to know my own frame really well.
I’m more than happy to ride for a company owned by a cyclist. They do understand what I wan’t and what I need. I can’t thank them enough for helping me out through the whole process. To ride my own frame that we worked on together is really amazing. Shout out to Colossi and Fixup Your Gear for making it happen.
If you have any question and keen to pre-order one, don’t hesitate to email me at
Frame- Colossi 24:7 size 49
Fork – Enve
Pedals – Look Keo Max
Drivetrain – Sugino 75 crankset and BB, EAI 17 and 14t
Handlebar/stem – 42mm Oval / 100mm ENVE
Saddle/Seatpost – Specialized Toupe Pro / ENVE
Wheels – Mavic Ellipse / Victtoria Zaffiro Pro
  1. matt hue said:

    How much did your setup cost?

    • Got most of the parts from my sponsors. Accept for the ENVE parts.

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