Had a chance to play around with my Go Pro last Sunday. I’m so glad to ride and work for a company run by a cyclist. We’re really pushing ourself. We’re working on some new gear for 2014. So stoked on this.


IMG_3757Last weekend 12 of us went to Singapore for Tour of Singapore. Organized by the CAS crew with 120km route to smash. It wasn’t a race but you need to do it in a team of 3 and you have to do it with your track bike. So me, Apis and Mior registered as a team and the rest of us did it with their roadbikes. All photos was captured with my Iphone 5. I had to ditch my Dslr as I’ve decided to travel as light as I can.. Click more for the trip report..  Read More

Nothing can beat the new whip day! So stoked on my new bike, can't wait to give it a really test tomorrow. FYI, I've been travelling down south last weekend. Will be posting my experience soon. Until then, I'll be ripping this bike on the street. See you guys on the road!


Wightset is going to hold a race event this coming 29th December in the city of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Racers will endure a high pace, traffic smashing on the freeway of 27km distance from point A to point B. Prizes are worth big and you can’t miss this out!

Prep yourselves if you’re heading down south end of this month!

Event page here:

Flyer by duraath